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Safety Air Hammer




-Utilizes existing unions

-Hammers available from 2" to 10" and all pressure ratings

-No hammer required

-Consistent applied force on makeup of hammer union

-Hammer unions are made to appropriate specs​

-Allows user to make-up or break-out hammer unions

-Increases the pace and ease of make-up and break-out of union hammers

-Beneficial in congested areas

-Eliminates damage to hammer unions

-Reduce risk of fall or injury when required to work above ground or floor level

-Eliminates risk of possible shrapnel from hammer heads or unions

-Reduce chance of sparks from hammering 

-Reduce risk of injury to personnel

-Reduce cost to client in material replacement, incident reports and injuries
-Eliminates the bodies harsh jerky motions caused required when loosening a union with lever type tools 


Tool will work in congested area when using spacer tool


Spacer tool allows tool to be used in congested areas


Tools hit center of lug eliminating mushroomed ends and extending the life of the union. No shrapnel flying around 


Hammer union had been tightened 270 times


Eliminates this hazard



"This pneumatic hammer has significantly reduced risk to our workers by effectively eliminating the hazards id swinging a hammer, especially when working in congested areas" 

-Myles Morrison, President of Boon Energy Services 

"Pimee Well Servicing has been using 9 air safety hammers everyday for over two years. We haven't had to replace hammer unions (saving us thousands of dollars) and have made the worksite safer by eliminating the swinging of hammers and the threat of flying shrapnel. I would recommend the air safety hammer to anyone using hammer unions."

-Jarrod Bull, Operations manager of Pimee Well Servicing 

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